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About my blog June 29, 2011

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. My very first entry, “A Place To Store My Mind” pretty much sums it all up. There is so much information out there, on the internet and in day to day life that I come across, I decided I needed a place to store this information. My brain space is just not enough! My blog is mostly from a professional standpoint. I will try to link my Twitter posts and LinkedIn status with this blog. I am in the event planning and conference industry with a background in association management. I am young in the my professional career and totally excited about it! If you share some of the same interests as I do, or work in the same field, I think my blog will be an excellent score of information for you. I spend several hours on the internet, following leads via articles or posts that I find interesting. I have been storing meeting planning tips, Board of Directors “organization” information and more in Word documents, but now they will find their home here. My blog title “attract2engage” represents what I stand for in my profession of conference and event management as well as association managemnet. I want to attract people to my events and associations and keep them engaged enough to keep coming back!

***You can find me on Twitter engage_attract.***


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