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Tips For Creating E-Newsletters for Mobile Phones #enewsletter October 18, 2011

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If you send emails and e-newsletters out to a large list, you are most likely going to get readers who are viewing it on their mobile phone. There is nothing more frustrating that trying to upload or read a file that is too large and  jumbled. You are most likely going to give up after a few tries. Here are some tips to make your emails “mobile phone friendly”.


1. Simple is better

When you are designing for a cell phone sized screen, keep to the point and try not to have distractions. Organize it well, break it up evenly, and try to avoid animated gifts. (I know the latter is hard, especially when people are so “visual friendly”, but they don’t work very well from a cell phone).


2. Subject Line and Header are CRUCIAL

Most people scroll through their messages on their cell phone and either immediately delete, or mark it to read later. Front load your subject line by saying what’s most important first, keep it short, and use the preheader to give a short communication to the reader.


3. Use Fewer, Smaller Images

A logo and three small images are the perfect combination for a mobile phone email. Many people will block the images on their cell phones, so remember to tag your images with a descriptive label; at least that will show up. Also make sure that the images you use are the smallest ones you can find and will download easily.


4. Links are Important

Since the point is to design a simpler email, cutting down on as much text as you can, the best way to do this is to link to the full article rather than posting it. Try not to crowd the links since there is not much space on the readers screen and always link to the important pages, such as a landing or website.


5. Use A Call-To-Action

Your reader is typically going to be on the go, so have a clear call to action and place it at the very beginning or somewhere that it will stand out. Keep in mind that fingers press about 45 pixels so keep your button size around that size and leave about 10 pixels of space around them in case your reader misses the button.


6. Scrolling

Try to slim down every way you can. Having to scroll around the screen, up and down, back and forth, gets to be troublesome and your reader may give up. Try to keep your email body 500-600 pixels. An iPhone screen is 320 pixels wide, so if your email is around 600 pixels it can zoom easily and will look great.


7. And Finally…Some Holiday Email Tips!

During the holiday season, there is some additional info that you will want to include in your email. Don’t make them go to your site to find it! These include your holiday hours, specials sales and services, and most importantly your contact info. Make sure your phone number is easy to find as well as your address and a link to get quick directions!

These tips were pulled from blog


I hope these tips will be useful for you when sending out emails. Since most people have a smart phone and use them for everything, I mean EVERYTHING, its important to always keep these tips in mind when sending them out. Thanks for reading everyone!




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