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Micro-volunteering- How to get more volunteers #eventprofs September 9, 2011

Here are several examples of opportunities to offer that will attract volunteers. The key is to be as specific as possible. Offer several different types of ways to give people to volunteer, try to have something for all personality types. Also, when you have clear, definitive instructions on what the volunteer will be doing, they are more likely to sign up because they know “what they are getting themselves into” and the amount that they will be investing in the volunteer position so they can mentally prepare themselves in advance.

Not all of these can transfer over when recruiting volunteers for your special event, conference or association, but you get the idea.


Like to drive? Have your volunteer sign up to pick up your speakers from the airport, as well as running errands during the conference for last minute needs and supplies.

Be a tourist! Have your volunteer put together a field trips document to share with your attendees about interesting places to go in the city. Make sure they list restaurants, parks and other attractions that your crowd will like. Hopefully, if your volunteer is from the city, they will have the insider scoop on all the hot local spots.

Drawing and Sketching Companion- If you have a volunteer who is an artist, have them on site to do impromptu sketches of your conference attendees. This offers a fun, engaging way to connect with your attendees and also gives them a cute memento to bring home from the event.

Exercise Companion- If one of your volunteers is a trainer or yoga instructor, have an early morning yoga class available for your attendees that takes place in one of the session rooms. If yoga is not your thing, have them organize a morning run or walk.

Below are some ideas for very specific volunteer recruitment. Think about the audience that your event attracts and determine which topics are most suitable for the event, and then offer a list to your volunteers for signing up to facilitate one of them. 

Do you have a hobby or interest you’d like to share?
Dog Walking 
Old School Gaming 
Like the beach?
Downhill Skiing 
History Buff 
Bible Reading 
Nordic walking 
Experienced with adult literacy?
Sports Fan?
Are you the outdoorsy type?
Drive a tow truck or know someone who does?
YMCA Fitness 
Recreational Course 
Crafting or Cross Stitch 
Cycling Companion 
Driving Range


Thanks for reading!



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