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How To Really Get To Know Your Social Media Circle #eventprofs #engage365 #assnchat July 25, 2011

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If you want to really be engaged with your audience, you need to know who you are talking to. Why not send them a “Getting to Know You” survey?  Social media has allowed us to get up close and personal with our customers,  and the public in general,  that it is important to understand your audience for the most effective communication with them.  Here are some general questions you can ask your audience that might help maximize your results in online communication:


1. Describe your professional occupation.

2. What sort of Social Media platforms do you use most professionally?

3. What traditional marketing tactics do you like to use?

4. Are you interested in learning more about how to integrate different marketing tactics?

5. About how much do you rely on your Social Media circles for helpful tips, relevant information, guidance and all around professional help?


It’s good to make it short and sweet. It’s not about building a contact list so you can blast them with emails, so dont ask for any contact information. View it as a simple “getting to know you” questionnaire.


Here is a good example of how a survey was used effectively, and how to understand the results:


If you want to come up with other questions, think about the networking experiences you have had at other events and draw on the conversations you have had with your colleagues. Ask them professional questions that you would really like to know and are interested in, just as you were sitting with them face to face, chatting over the danish cart they just brought out for he mid- morning break. Thanks for reading!







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