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Good Questions to Add to Your RFP To Find Greenest Transportation July 19, 2011

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When it comes to “greening” my contracts I need all the help I can get. There are so many little tips one can use to reduce the waste a meeting can generate, we often forget that these practices can start from the time your attendees hit the ground in your destination city.  The link I have provided below is a great way to start hosting and boasting a green meeting.


It’s a simple form that covers everything from:

  • the transportation company’s environmental policy
  • environmental management system
  • confirming the type of vehicles the transportation company uses (hybrid/ alternative vehicles)
  • to who is accountable for the environmental management system


Don’t get caught in a bad contract with a company who will be shuttling your speakers and attendees. If you can start off on a “green” foot, it’s the first step to show your attendees that you care about your carbon footprint and that you are making the efforts to do something about it.


Another tip that is not included in the RFP form is to suggest that the transportation company has some sort of sinage that represents they are a green vehicle, have certification, or are part of a environmental management system. That way you will be sure to leave a positive impact on your attendees without leaving a negative one on the environment!


Click here for the sample form/ questions:



Thanks for reading!




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