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Crash Course on #Google+ #eventprofs #engage365 July 13, 2011

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If you are not a web programmer or don’t have those innate skills on understanding and operating new social media websites like myself,  this “Google+ 101” slideshow might be beneficial to you.


As the Google+ site is still in the “testing” phase and you need an invite to join, the author of this slideshow will send you an invite for sharing the link, like I have done.


I am still determining if I want to use Google+ as a personal or professional page, I am beginning to lean towards professional as I have had much success with my new Twitter page and my professional blogging.  If you do end up joining, let’s get together and be in each others professional “Circle”. as I am guessing the new phrase is going to be….“GOOGLE+ ME!”


Here is what you will learn in the slideshow:

Google+ is the latest in social media innovation offering a series of tools to help you stay connected with the people/ things you care about.

Step 1: Set up a Google+ profile

Step 2: Integrating your Picasa photo album(s) (if you have one)

Step 3: Establishing your “Circles”

Step 4: Checking your privacy settings

Step 5: Adding your contacts

Step 6: Organizing a “Huddle”

Step 7: Mastering the “Hangout”


There is additional information on +Streams, +Circles, and +Sparks. Also, you will learn how to get started chatting, hooking up to your mobile phone, and sending a private message. At the end, there is a great Google+ Cheat sheet for fast learning.

Please click the link below to start the slideshow:


Thanks for reading! I hope you will have a great experience on Google+ with an easy transition into it thanks to the slideshow.



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