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Addressing the Relationship Between #Nonprofit and its Corporate Sponsors #eventprofs #engage365 #sponsorship July 13, 2011

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The link I have provided in this posting is a sample term sheet that might be useful when you are considering setting a policy or guidelines upon receiving sponsorship from a corporate partner.  You will find several paragraphs of clauses addressing a variety of topics that might come up when establishing a relationship with a corporate sponsor.


For example, here is some advice on writing a clause about your non-proft hosting special events:


 “Nonprofits need to be in the drivers seat to design programs and special events that meet their needs – not primarily their sponsor’s needs. The nonprofit should maintain control of the program, choice of venue and content of special event.”


I like this sample form because it gives you advice on what clauses you should include, and then supplies you with the wording for such a clause. If you present this to your sponsor, not only will they appreciate it, but you will look professional, organized, and show that you understand the importance of what their sponsorship means!


Click the link below to see the form:


Thanks for reading and I hope you will find this information useful.






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