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“Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit” #nonprofit #sponsorship July 12, 2011

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Below you will find several hints to get the “wheels churning” on churning money for your sponsorship programs.


Where will you find assets for your corporate sponsorship program? Read where below….

 Communications Materials:
o Brochures, flyers, posters, invitations, postcards, newsletters,
informational packets, web sites, social media, e-blasts, etc.


 Public Relations:
o Press releases and campaigns, press conferences, photo opportunities,
press events.


Advertising opportunities:
o Print, radio, television, outdoor, web-based.


Onsite Visibility:
o Pre-event, post-event, official category designation, use of logo or
trademarked name.


 Deeper access with audience:
o Use of or access to database, hospitality opportunities, special offers and
networking opportunities.


o Areas of expertise, proprietary services or programs, enriched connection
to philanthropic efforts

This information was pulled from the Alabama Association of Nonprofits website.


Thanks for reading. It seems like if you can pull from some of these bullet points, you will wind up with some sponsorship in one of these avenues. Good Luck!




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